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MB Samplers: 6 x Individual Servings

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Want to give us a try before you buy the big bag? We understand and this sampler has you covered. Try 2 single serving bags of each of our delicious flavors or 6 of 1 flavor.

How to Use: Mix in 1 serving (1 Individual Packet = 1 Serving) of Collagen 2.0 into your food while cooking it. Mix until evenly distributed and ENJOY!!

Effortlessly Enjoy it with: Eggs, Pasta, Rice/Grains, Stir-fry, Meat Seasoning, Sauces, Cottage Cheese (Make Hot Queso!), Coffee, Tea, and anything else you prepare!

-For Mac and Cheese or Pasta Dishes: Use 1 Serving of Meal Boosters per 1 Serving of Pasta.

-There's 15-20 grams of Protein per serving!

-Unflavored and Cheesy Cheese are Gluten Free

-Cheesy Cheese is made with REAL CHEESE!

-Benefits of Collagen 2.0 for Men & Women: Increase Hair, Skin, & Nail Health, Build/Repair Lean Muscle Tissue, Improve Gut Health, Combat Pesticide in the Body.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing taste!

I’m really enjoying the sample I purchased, and it’s really helping meet my macros goals for protein. The buffalo is good, the cheesey mix allows me to have a little comfort food without sacrificing on my goals, and is a good bonus on cheat days to keep the protein count up. Definitely will be purchasing more!


MB Samplers: 6 x Individual Servings

Christy Lunde
Absolutely amazing stuff!!!

The Cheesy Cheese is a game changer that allows me to get in all of the protein I need in a day! I add it to scrambled eggs, protein pasta or sprinkle it on popcorn 😋 Seriously delicious!!!


We love it on popcorn


Yum! So far, the cheese is where it is AT! But all 3 are perfect for ensuring you hit your protein goals... without having to eat meat/fish with eeeeevery single meal!


Adding this to my AM drink is really helping me hit my daily proceeds goal... in such an easy way!

Tracey Florio
Excellent product

I got the Coffee Booster, cheese and non flavored meal boosters. They are easy to use and a great way to add extra protein. The cheese is my favorite as I use it with veggies, pasta and as a dip.
Recommend it highly.

My Favorite Supplement of All Time

I bought one bag of the Cheesy Cheese collagen/protein powder just to try it out and now I'm mad I didn't buy more. This stuff is amazing. It's like if instant mac and cheese powder was healthy. You don't need a ton of liquid to mix it into your foods, it tastes delicious, and it makes it so much easier for me to hit my protein goals and get some collagen at the same time. I also really love that it doesn't have a ton of sodium. I will definitely be buying more.


I love everything I can mix this with.

greg ball

20-Serving Bag of Collagen 2.0 (3 Flavor Options)

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