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Quick Guide: Top Ways to Utilize Meal Boosters Collagen 2.0

Quick Guide: Top Ways to Utilize Meal Boosters Collagen 2.0

“OG” Unflavored Collagen 2.0:

  1. Coffee/Tea
  • Add it to your coffee for what we like to call a “CEO Coffee.” Full of protein and nourishment, this morning beverage is an awesome and nutritious way to start your day.
  • Our collagen is tasteless and dissolves with ease, especially in a hot beverage like tea. Combining the warmth of the tea and the soothing benefits of the collagen powder, is self-care at its best. 

  1. Smoothie/Shake
  • Add a few scoops to any smoothie or shake you desire for a boost of protein! 
  1. Bone Broth
  • For the ultimate gut healing beverage, add collagen 2.0 to a warm mug of bone broth

Cheesy Cheese Collagen 2.0:

  1. Eggs
  • “Boost” your ordinary eggs for a tasty and nutrient dense meal. Simply add a few scoops to a bowl with your eggs and mix. Cook as usual and enjoy! Pro-tip: include these “cheggs” on your avocado toast for the best breakfast EVER.
  1. Pasta
  • Protein mac n cheese is in the building. This childhood favorite is now good for us…dreams do come true! After boiling your pasta, we recommend keeping some pasta water on the side and mixing the Cheesy Cheese powder with that and some butter, for a creamy protein cheese sauce! 
  1. Cheese Dip/Sauce
  • This collagen powder is easily mixed into dip/sauce bases, such as greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and even a simple TBSP of warm water. The possibilities are endless. Our favorite is blending the Cheesy Cheese collagen with cottage cheese to make a protein cheese sauce. It really hits the spot on some nachos! 

Classic Buffalo Collagen 2.0:

  1. Rice
  • Spice up your life! Adding our Classic Buffalo flavor to rice is a next level side dish for almost any protein. 
  1. Breading
  • One of the most creative and flavorful ways we like to utilize this flavor is by adding it to a breading! For example, a breaded buffalo chicken breast. You can bread your protein with protein, what?! So tasty and crispy.
  1. Buffalo Dip 
  • Here’s an 2-ingredient delicious spicy buffalo protein dip: Greek yogurt + Classic Buffalo Collagen 2.0. Mix and dip until you’re heart’s content. It’s great with chicken or even carrot sticks for a healthy snack. 
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